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Dear Chrysalis Effect Supporter

Thank you so much for coming through to set up your membership. The Chrysalis Effect is a CIC Community Interest Company which is a not for profit organisation. We raise funds for core costs, subsidise recovery work and to finance clinical trials and GP pilot projects via a monthly membership donation.

Below are your membership options:

Which Subscription Are You?

Which Subscription Are You?

To become a friend of The Chrysalis Effect, or for one off donations or to increase the amount of your monthly support you can offer please just email info@thechrysaliseffect.com or call 01883 712555 for further details.

Thank you so much for being a member of the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Community Dedicated to Pioneering Recovery Worldwide

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Associate Member - for Referral Practitioners

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Professional Membership

£16.00 per month

CIC CPD Professional Membership £16.00 per month

Associate Membership

£12.00 per month

CIC CPD Associate Membership £12.00 per month