The Perfect Storm By Carole Randell

Apr 28, 2020

As Carole explains in her Blog ‘Chronic Stress nearly killed me’ it affected all areas of her life which included losing her job as a Practice Manager, her home, and many relationships. She simply didn’t recognise who she was anymore. After much searching and practitioner hopping Carole found the Chrysalis Effect supported recovery programme and her recovery has gone on from strength to strength. Carole has now been symptom free for some time and with her background of Psy...

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Exploring 'Me Time' by Dawn Gibson Winder

Mar 02, 2020

    This month I start a new series of blogs where I share some of the lifestyle changes I have made, that are helping me achieve   optimal health and wellbeing.   I write about how prioritising my wellbeing has given me more than I imagined and share what  activities I’ve been doing to   ensure I have more balance, joy and fulfilment in my life.   I joined the Chrysalis program initially because I wanted more for myself and my family than manag...

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Failing at Recovery by Dawn Gibson-Winder

Feb 21, 2020

  In this week's blog, I share my recovery journey with the Chrysalis Effect program. I write about what happens   when our good habits slip and the importance of accepting our faults. I also look at the mindful practice of   self-love, kindness and compassion.   I lie here on the sofa, finally able to rest while the kids are at school. I have to admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself this week as I came down with a cold virus. Winter seems to have set in both outs...

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Tired and Wired by Dawn Gibson Winder

Feb 14, 2020

  This week I continue to share what I've learned on my recovery journey with the Chrysalis Effect program. I   discover that it isn't always so easy to change the habits of a lifetime, and the only way to fully recover is to dig   deep and look beneath the symptoms and start understanding our behaviours and beliefs.     One night not so long ago… I'm lying in bed, there are so many things rushing around my head, and it's nearly midnight! I have a pen a...

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Letting Go By Dawn Gibson-Winder

Feb 07, 2020

In this week's blog, I write about what I've learned on my recovery journey with the Chrysalis Effect program. I look back to who I was before I became unwell with a fatigue-related condition, I share with you my internal conflict and the challenges of letting go of the past. The CE program has taught me to understand and unravel my values, I now know why they are vital to our wellness journey. I am mindful of making sure I honour my values in my daily life, it isn't always easy, but I am alr...

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Daring to share by Dawn Gibson-Winder

Jan 29, 2020

Welcome to my first recovery journey blog post. Each week I will be sharing my ups and downs and insights as I work through the Chrysalis Effect program. This week I write about some of the personality traits that can predispose someone to develop a chronic fatigue condition, and I discover how being an 'A'-Type personality has impacted my wellbeing and recovery. "What do I write about?" I asked my friend, as I described my concerns about writing a regular blog feature for The Chrysalis Effe...

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A Work In Progress by Alison McGrath

Nov 13, 2019

I have always seen myself as a strong and reliable person, someone whom other people can come to for help. Surviving a nasty period of bullying as a young student nurse in the army convinced me that I could cope with anything. Later, civilian nursing taught me that I should be able to carry a limitless workload and still smile for the patients. As the eldest daughter and a nurse in a matriarchal family, my work spilled over into my personal life and I became Mrs Fixit for everyone. Over the...

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My Recovery So Far By Elva Ainsworth

Nov 05, 2019

  My background story is that I was super active and busy with no limits (I thought) until I had glandular fever at 19.  My stamina hasn’t been the same since but I nevertheless managed a busy career as a Business Psychologist and business owner, having 3 marriages and 3 children by working hard on my health and wellbeing (all fitting a somewhat “heroic” narrative!).   I was known by my friends as “Duracell” and “super woman”. I...

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The Calm and Quiet Mind By Jo Morrell

Oct 04, 2019

One thing that I have always struggled with is being able to calm and quiet my mind. As a self confessed over thinker, unlike my body, my brain seems to have unlimited energy and an incessant need to work things out, organise, solve and plan. That was even before my crash into CFS/ME, and after, it was 10 times worse. With juicy topics such as: “What is happening to me? My body doesn’t work. There’s no-one that understands.  Is this depression? Why can’t I thin...

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My Recovery Journey By Liz Ingate

Jul 09, 2019

Liz Ingate is part of our recovery community and has been working on rebuilding her health. We are so delighted with how brilliantly Liz is doing we felt it only right to share this with you, to inspire you. Recovery is absolutely possible. Liz, you are doing brilliantly and we are cheering you every step of the way. We hope you enjoy Liz's Recovery Story so far.............. Easter 2018,  my friend was cooking one of his wonderful pasta dishes and I was feeling on top of the world afte...

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