Exploring 'Me Time' by Dawn Gibson Winder

Mar 02, 2020

    This month I start a new series of blogs where I share some of the lifestyle changes I have made, that are helping me achieve   optimal health and wellbeing.   I write about how prioritising my wellbeing has given me more than I imagined and share what  activities I’ve been doing to   ensure I have more balance, joy and fulfilment in my life.   I joined the Chrysalis program initially because I wanted more for myself and my family than manag...

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A Work In Progress by Alison McGrath

Nov 13, 2019

I have always seen myself as a strong and reliable person, someone whom other people can come to for help. Surviving a nasty period of bullying as a young student nurse in the army convinced me that I could cope with anything. Later, civilian nursing taught me that I should be able to carry a limitless workload and still smile for the patients. As the eldest daughter and a nurse in a matriarchal family, my work spilled over into my personal life and I became Mrs Fixit for everyone. Over the...

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My Recovery So Far By Elva Ainsworth

Nov 05, 2019

  My background story is that I was super active and busy with no limits (I thought) until I had glandular fever at 19.  My stamina hasn’t been the same since but I nevertheless managed a busy career as a Business Psychologist and business owner, having 3 marriages and 3 children by working hard on my health and wellbeing (all fitting a somewhat “heroic” narrative!).   I was known by my friends as “Duracell” and “super woman”. I...

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