Tired and Wired by Dawn Gibson Winder

Feb 14, 2020

  This week I continue to share what I've learned on my recovery journey with the Chrysalis Effect program. I   discover that it isn't always so easy to change the habits of a lifetime, and the only way to fully recover is to dig   deep and look beneath the symptoms and start understanding our behaviours and beliefs.     One night not so long ago… I'm lying in bed, there are so many things rushing around my head, and it's nearly midnight! I have a pen a...

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My Recovery So Far By Elva Ainsworth

Nov 05, 2019

  My background story is that I was super active and busy with no limits (I thought) until I had glandular fever at 19.  My stamina hasn’t been the same since but I nevertheless managed a busy career as a Business Psychologist and business owner, having 3 marriages and 3 children by working hard on my health and wellbeing (all fitting a somewhat “heroic” narrative!).   I was known by my friends as “Duracell” and “super woman”. I...

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